Our puppyplans

Our litterplans for the future. This is just plans, and might be changed with time. We prefer to have some inquries before we mate our dogs, so if there is no interest in the planned combination, we might wait with a planned litter. 


Siberian Husky

  • We got some suprising puppies in end of november, we have both males and females available
  • In january we will mate Nita again as she only got one puppy last time.
  • Ville will be mated next heat. Male will come later.

Norsk Buhund

  • Mira planlegges paret med Theodor neste løpetid./We will mate Mira at next heat 
  • Blåne planlegges paret med Balder i 2024./We will mate Blåne in 2024
  • Tora planlegges paret i 2025./We will mate Tora in 2025

Volpino Italiano

  • Bambi planlegges paret i juni/We will mate our little white princess in june